Early 2012 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CD) of the National Institute of Health, United States of America, announced a Funding Opportunity on Detecting Emerging Vector-Borne Zoonotic Pathogens in Indonesia. The purpose of the funding opportunity is to strengthen the laboratory capacity of Indonesia in this field of research at the Eijkman Institute of Molecular Biology (EIMB).  As the leading-edge scientific research institution, EIMB is expected to be capable to accurately identify the arboviruses endemic to Indonesia and equipped with the state of the art technology. As a requirement through the Funding Opportunity, CDC requested an organization to assist the EIMB by providing administrative oversight and finance. Through the required  award selection process, CDC has selected ALERTAsia to receive the award on this research funding.ALERTAsia officially received the Notification of Award on 1st August 2013 for 1 year with Dr. Khin Saw Aye Myint as the Principal Investigator for the research program.