One of the primary objectives in the Spatial Repellant on Malaria Control study is on the effectiveness of the use of Spatial Repellant to control Malarial infections in humans. 2 villages, Wainyapu and Umbungedo at Kodi District are the study area for the Repellant trials on this study sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Mosquito coils sponsored by SC Johnson, USA, were used on the trials as the repellants. 1st SR Intervention trial was conducted from September 2011 to April 2012, in which the result were announced during the 2012 Annual Meeting where mosquito coils with active ingredient are considered effective in reducing Malarial infections in humans. Less bites and infections were found on the villagers with proper use of the coils.  Refering to the result, a 2nd trial was conducted, but only at Wainyapu Village, covering wider area of the village as it is the most endemic area in the region, and concentration . The 2nd SR Intervention trial began on September 2012 and has just recently completed in April 2013. Result on the 2nd trial is currently under analysis and yet to be produced.

Each trial began with a Mass Blood Survey to identify the villagers who were already infected by Malaria and completed with another MBS to identify those who were infected during the SR Intervention trial. Team of local volunteers provided assistance in each trial. Around 40 volunteers assisted the investigator team in distributing the coils and record the findings to around 280 houses in the area.