The Eijkman Oxford Research Unit (EOCRU) organized a socialization of INSPECTOR study at the main hall of Yonif Para Raider 501 building in Madiun, East Java on Monday (7/1/2019).

The objective of this event is to inform the safety and efficacy of the new malaria medicine in preventing the recurrence of Malaria Tertiana, and organized as part of the ongoing INSPECTOR Study performed by EOCRU, Eijkman Institute of Molecular Biology (LBME), Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia (FM-UI) and Indonesian National Army (TNI-AD). Right after the opening ceremony, the socialization continued by visiting the INSPECTOR research facility, led by Ms. Lenny Ekawati.

The INSPECTOR study conducted to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a single dose of Tafenoquine co-administered with an Artemisin Combination Theraphy (ACT) in the radical treatment of P. vivax malaria in order to support registration of tafenoquine in Indonesia. Dihydroartemisin-piperaquine (DHA-PQP) selected as ACT since it is highly efficacious against chloroquine resistant P.vivax of Eastern Indonesia.

This study is highly essential to support the work of Indonesian Army, particularly for the members of Yonif PR 501 Kostrad as the troops has just finished their duty in Papua border, where the highest rate of malaria endemic cases found in Indonesia. It has been reported that in many cases, soldiers found to be infected by the deadly disease after being awhile working in Papua. In a bigger context, the INSPECTOR study is in line with the national malaria elimination target set by the Ministry of Health which mentioned that Indonesia shall be completely free from malaria by 2030.

This event attended by research collaborators' representatives from LBME, FM-UI, and members of Yonif Para Raider 501 Kostrad (Strategic Command of Indonesia Army). Also attending, the Vice Commander of Yonif PR 501/BY, Head of Health Center Office of Indonesian Army (PUSKESAD), Head of Kostrad Health Office, Commander of Military Resort (Danrem 081/DSJ), and the Head of Military Health Office.

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