A team of Field Epidemiology Training Program for Veterinarians (FETP-V) students Gadjah Mada University has just finished their fieldwork program on Friday (03/05/2019). The activity has started since 29 September 2018, covering three districts in Central Java: Ngaglik, Kepek Girimulyo, and Kulon Progo. The objective of this fieldwork is to conduct outbreak investigation exercise for anthrax in cattle, goats, sheep, and buffaloes’ farms.
Anthrax is an accute infectious disease caused by bacteria and commonly occurs in wild or domesticated grazing animals which can cause severe illness for both human and animals. Several cases of anthrax were reported to have occurred in Kulon Progo sometime in early 2017. Even though all the cases have been successfully handled by the government and no anthrax occurrences reported since then, greater effort in preventing and controlling animal disease in the area is still on demand.
With the aim to fill the gap of human resource challenges in controlling animal diseases and to strengthen the capacity of veterinarians in Indonesia, FETP-V program established in 2017. The curriculum of the program designed to put more emphasize in fieldwork skills and experience. Fieldwork activity undertaken by the FETP-V team took six months to complete from September 2018 to May 2019 in areas where the infectious diseases have found severely occured. This is expected to give the students better understanding on how to conduct proper outbreak investigation and to prepare them whenever the incident happens in the future.

ALERTAsia Foundation has been strongly supported the FETP-V program establishment since its earlier stages. Supported by US-CDC, ALERTAsia Foundation is providing scholarship for students to enroll the FETP-V master degree program at Gadjah Mada University. The MoU between two institutions was signed in July 2018, and five government officials have awarded the scholarship since it is come into effect.