Alertasia Foundation organized a Project Management Training for its partners on 13-15 May 2019 in Bogor. In implementing this event, Alertasia Foundation was supported by Groot and L. Wau from Hivos as the trainers.
The three-days training was held to let the participants understand a complete project cycle; from how to defined a project, how to write a good proposal and budgeting, how to make a good decision, how to conduct a proper implementation, and how to monitor and evaluate a project.

This training was undertaken in a a highly participative manner, with the aim to avoid as much as possible a classroom situation in which a trainer gives instructions and the participants are listening. Short introductions to new topics will be followed by exercises, discussions and sharing of experiences.
This activity attended by 20 participants from PAEI headquarters, PAEI branch offices, and FETP Secretariat.