Indonesia Epidemiology Association (PAEI) has organized a competency pilot test on 22 April 2019 in Jakarta and Depok. This pilot test continued with the two-days analysis on 23-25 April 2019 in Bogor.

The competency test or evaluation test for epidemiology is part of the requirement for health officers to operate in Indonesia. The test made to maintain their capability in practical as well as an administrative requirement in maintaining their working permit according to the National Regulation No. 46/2013 on the Registration of the Health Officers. In this regards, PAEI was given the opportunity to draft the test questions that will be applied nationally. The pilot test was organized to check whether the questions are feasible and fulfill the national standard.

The total number of questions made for the pilot test was 164, and divided into two parts:  72 questions for part A, and 92 questions for part B. Part A consists of 5 main material: epidemiology surveillance, program monitoring & evaluation, data management, epidemiology review and managerial. Unlike part A, part B consist 4 main material: early warning system, epidemiology investigation - outbreak response, community development and epidemiology information dissemination.

From the analysis of the pilot test result, 55 out of 60 respondents were able to answer the test. The average test result from each groups of respondents were varied, ranged from 30% - 50%. However, the number of respondents with scores above the average reached 8-10 respondents. The team shall discuss this analysis result further to make further decision. 

The respondents of the pilot test were alumnus of epidemiology/public health from Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Respati Indonesia and the government employees with epidemiology/public health degree.