Secretariat FETP Indonesia has organized a training for FETP students on 11-12 July 2019 at the Udayana Unversity, Bali. This training is a regular event supported by Alertasia Foundation, organized  to Increase competencies of FETP students and practitioners to join international science conferences.

This year, the objectives of this training are to maintain the participants’ competencies in:
1.  producing abstracts and publication to join international science conferences;
2.  conducting outbreak investigation and;
3.  performing  mapping using Geography Information Sysem (GIS) application.

Producing publication to join science conferences is a main competency that must be possessed by FETP students. Participation in national, regional, or international field epidemiology conferences is a good opportunity for students to maintain their experience. In this context, the role of field supervisors and lecturers will pay a part in helping the students preparing the abstract. In many cases, the fields supervisors may have many experiences in understanding field epidemiology cases, but do not have any capabilities in producing research publication. In the other hand, lecturers may have competencies in producing research but do not understand situation in the field. The training is organized to let FETP students, lecturers and field supervisors to work together in producing abstract which qualify to be registered in an international conference.

Besides producing abstract, another competency important for FETP student is using the GIS application to map the pattern of disease transmission. Disease transmission spatial mapping is also important in conducting outbreak investigation. This competency is essential, particularly for health officers and field supervisors.

This training organized at the Medical Faculty of Udayana University in Bali, and attended by FETP students, lecturers and field supervisors.