ALERTAsia is a non-profit foundation dedicated to prevention and control of endemic and emerging infectious diseases in Southeast Asia. Since 2006, ALERTAsia has been a key player in the region in implementing collaborative research and trainings to mitigate the threat of endemic, emerging, and re-emerging infections.


ALERTAsia Foundation serves as a focal point for research, education and training supported by various public and private donors seeking to contribute to the rational and systematic building of the technical, social and political capital needed to cope with emerging infections and the risks these pose to health and to social and economic development in Indonesia and Southeast Asia in general.


Diminish the medical, social and economic risks created by the emergence of infectious diseases in Southeast Asia in general.

Why We are Here

ALERTAsia Foundation recognizes conspicuous gaps in the technical capacity of public and private health institutions in Southeast Asia to reliably characterize and responsibly report diagnoses of human infections. ALERTAsia Foundation further recognizes the unnecessary medical, social and economic risks such gaps create. ALERTAsia Foundation believes that the application of appropriate and standardized biotechnologies in the laboratories, field and clinics of regions at risk will provide an essential shield against epidemic and pandemic infections. We believe that biotechnology is a powerful weapon, and it must be wielded against our formidable microbial enemies with wisdom and forethought.

Where We Work

Our work in Indonesia began with malaria study in Papua back in 2006. Since then, we have worked in various areas across the archipelago.


In executing the day to day projects implementation, Alertasia Foundation is supported by project support team. This team provides all administrative and logistics matter to support the activities of project team members so that they comply with legal, quality, and technical requirements.