ALERTAsia assisted Southeast Asia Influenza Clinical Research Network for Indonesia office on training for the Intensive Course Unit physicians and nurses with topic on the Management of the Critically Ill Patient.

The training was held at the Eijkman Institute in Jakarta, Indonesia on 4-7 February 2008. This course was aimed at adult ICU physicians and nurses at participating hospitals from Sulianti Saroso hospital, Persahabatan hospital, Hasan Sadikin hospital, and National Institute for Health Research and Development of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia. The course was designed to move from recognition of the patient with organ dysfunction and ward based treatment to standard ICU care principles and advanced management.

The instructors for the course were Dr. Tim Cook and Dr. Jerry Nolan from ICU and anesthesia consultants at the Royal United Hospital, Bath, UK, Mr. Julian Hunt, consultant on Intensive Care and outreach nurse at Royal United Hospital, Bath, UK, and Dr. Jean-Daniel Chiche, an ICU care specialist and lecturer from Medical ICU and Department of Cell Biology of Cochin Hospital and Cochin Institute, Paris, France. They are all well known on their competencies in ICU principles and management.