Following the first In-Class FETP Training program in East Java last May 2019, FETP Secretariat organized a follow up event on 20-19 June 2019 at the Public Training Center of Munarjati, Kampus Bendul Merisi, Surabaya. This training is organized as a continuation from the first training, and designed as a forum to develop the competencies of the health ofiicers in preventing, detecting, investigating and responding to any potential outbreak diseases.  

After completing these trainings, the participants are expected to conduct prevention, early detection and response to health problems based on the epidemiology data in their working areas. Particularly, the competencies include:

  • Implement the epidemiolog measures
  • Analyse the survaillance data and surveillance evaluation system
  • Conduct the public health communication information
  • Conduct the epidemiology data management
  • Conduct the public health researches.
15 surveillance officers from 15 different districts in East Java have attended this in-class training.