To finalize the 5-year FETPV-PELVI development work plan, ALERT Asia Foundation organized a Stakeholder Meeting on 22 July 2019 in Tangerang. This meeting also held to engage potential partners from the provincial levels to gain buy-in, ensure strong collaboration, cooperation and support for the implementation of FETPV-PELVI after EPT2 project concludes.

FAO ECTAD Indonesia, in partnership with the Directorate of Animal Health (DAH) of the Ministry of Agriculture, has conducted a series of activities in line with the Road Map for Establishment of FETPV in Indonesia / PELVI since 2016. In 2018, FETPV has recruited the 1st cohort of trainees consisting of 19 trainees in the non-degree (modular) FETPV program and 5 trainees in the Master’s degree FETPV program in UGM. All four training modules had been delivered to the non-degree trainees by April 2019 and a graduation ceremony was held at the Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health Service (DGLAHS) Technical and Scientific Meeting in June 2019.

In line with this, a Master-degree trainees are finishing their 2nd semester and expected to graduate by July 2020. A 5-year development workplan for FETPV-PELVI 2020-2024 was also drafted in May 2019 by the DGLAHS’ PELVI team based on evaluation of the recently concluded non-degree training program and inputs from the Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP) Indonesia, universities, field mentors, and trainees.

Furthermore, a stakeholders meeting was organized, particularly to:
1.       To introduce PELVI to new stakeholders from provincial animal health services;
2.       To give an update of the current progress of PELVI to stakeholders;
3.       To finalize the 5-year development workplan for PELVI 2020-2024.
After the meeting, it is expected that stakeholders are well informed of the PELVI program and its benefits, as well as the current progress of PELVI along with its five-year development plan designed for 2020-2024.