To maintain competency of Field Epidemiology Trainer for applied epidemiology program in ASEAN countries, ALERTAsia Foundation supported drh. Martha Simanjuntak to attend an International FETP Training for Trainer in Bangkok started from July to August 2019.

This program is designed by the International Field Epidemiology Training Program Thailand (IFETP) for FETP graduates who work in position that are able to be a professional trainer, and facilitated field work however need to be enhanced in some aspects such as teaching, field management, leadership, communication, writing and networking.

On their first week training, the participants were conducting:

  • Presentation on their expectations in joining the program;
  • Consultation and superivision by FETP seniors. Each participants were also given chance to share their program, the gap, and any challenges faced by each countries;
  • Leadership and mentoring training (from 9 to 12 July). On this section, the participants also prepared to be a trainer and mentor for FETP trainee (starting 15 July);
  • Planning an individual schedule by recognize self character, trainee’s character nd communicate among different characters;
  • A complete presentation of program from each participants’ countries including its strength and weaknesses.

During the training period, the trainees should conduct works under the program’s requirements. The tasks under the assignments include case study through a tutorial round in term of epidemiology method and producing of a manuscript or report supervised by the trainer. 

Within the first decade, IFETP have produced 30 international graduates from 6 countries – Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, Laos, China, and Cambodia and distributed to Ministry of Health in South East Asia countries, including Indonesia. This year, this program attended by participants from 4 south east asian countries: Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Indonesia.

Entering the second decade of their operation, IFETP intend to focus on field-oriented epidemiologist, instead of research. With the new direction, it is expected that the target of having capable training staffs in each ASEAN countries can be reached.