The curriculum improvement process for epidemiology study in Indonesia is entering its final stage on Wednesday (25/09/2019). Supported by Alertasia Foundation, Indonesian Epidemiologists Association (PAEI) organized a two-days finalization workshop on 23 - 25 September 2019 at the Santika Hotel, Depok.

The ideas to improve curriculum for epidemiology study started in 2016 as the first epidemiology profession assessment revealed that there was a competency gap among university graduates, particularly in bachelor and master degree. The assessment also found that the practical subjects in the curriculum was not enough to answer the challenges faced by the epidemiologists in the field as well as the national standard of competency. 

To follow up this issue, a series of meeting conducted to further identify and fill the competency gap, including by organizing benchmarking workshops to adjust the curriculum with professional and competency standard for epidemiologists. These activities have succesfully delivered the curriculum draft for diploma, bachelor, and post-graduate degrees, which will be further developed and established using the competency-based education curriculum for epidemiology.

This year, as the process has entered its last stages of improvement, the finalization workshop organized to formulate the curriculum using competency-based education system and to harmonize the draft with PAEI members, universities, experts, and other relevant stakeholders.

The two-days workshop conducted by dividing the participants into 3 working groups. Each groups represented a level of degree (diploma (D3/D4), bachelor degree (S1), and master degree (S2) & post-graduate (S3)). This workshop had resulted an agreed report on finalization of the adjusted curriculum formulation for epidemiology based on competency standard/epidemiology profession standard.