To formulate the test for Skill Evaluation and Technical Competency for middle level, PAEI supported by Alertasia Foundation organized a three days workshop on 15 to 17 October 2019 at Amaroosa Hotel in Bogor.

During the workshop, participants were divided into 9 groups which assigned based on 9 epidemiology main activities: (i) Epidemiology surveillance; (ii) Data management; (iii) Program monitoring and evaluation; (iv) Early warning system for outbreak disease; (v) Epidemiology investigation for outbreak disease; (vi) Epidemiology studies; (vii) Epidemiology managerial; (viii) Epidemiology information dissemination, and; (ix) Community development. These activities are known as the basic foundation in formulating the evaluation test for middle level.

Each groups were given time to present and led a discussion on their part with other participants. They were also expected to come up with a material draft as a final results. By the end of the event, the workshop agreed for each group to complete their material draft off class, and to continue the discussion at the next meeting which will be held on 29 to 31 October in Bogor.

The workshop was attended by 12 epidemiology experts from PAEI, Urindo, and Center for Environmental Health Engineering and Disease Control (BBTKL).