Seminar and Workshop on Strategies for Arboviral Detection: from Standard to Advance Assays was held from 16–18 September 2019 at Eijkman Institute of Molecular Biology (EIMB), Jakarta. A Half-day seminar followed by two and half days of workshop was successfully held in collaboration among Emerging Virus Research Unit (EVRU) & National Genome Centre (Pusat Genom Nasional) of EIMB, the National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (NCEZID, US-CDC) at Fort Collins, Colorado, and National University of Singapore (NUS).

4 Speakers at the Seminar and Workshop, they are Ann M. Powers from US CDC Fort Collins, Justin Jang Hann Chu from National University of Singapore (NUS), Bachti Alishjabana from INA-RESPOND, FK UNPAD RSHS Bandung, and Khin Saw Myint from EIMB shared topics on Overview of the Range of Arboviral Diagnostic Tests, Multiplex RT- PCR for the Simultaneous Detection of Mosquito-borne Viruses, Acute Febrille Illness Requiring Hospitalization (AFIRE) Study, and Central Nervous System Infection in Indonesia to 114 participants coming from various academic institutions, local government units, research and development institutions.

Twenty-five participants were selected to attend the two and half days’ workshop that focused on lectures and practices of more in-depth topics, i.e.: Method - Arbovirus Multiplex PCR, Introduction to Plaque Reduction Neutralization Test for Arbovirus, Next generation Sequencing as a Tool for Virus Discovery, and Bioinformatic Challenges for NGS.

This event is funded by the NCEZID, US-CDC, via ALERTAsia through the project implementation of Detection  Characterization of Emerging Vector-borne Zoonotic Pathogens in Indonesia. 

Please see Eijkman Website here to obtain more details of the seminar and workshops.